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In the printing industry, the back-end process is very important, affecting the quality of finished products, so there must be a good back-end process, the following by Jinan magazine printing manufacturers for you to briefly introduce the common back-end process and technical points, I hope to help you all!
1. The cross-cutting knife is used for die cutting paper materials. It is used for die cutting paper products. The incision has mirror effect. It is smooth and dust-free. The blade of the cross-cutting knife is stable and durable.
2. If the ink coverage area of UV polishing oil is very small, it can be considered that the process of printing with UV ink and UV polishing oil can save the addition of base oil.
3.糊盒問題避免糊盒時在其糊口黏合劑難滲透亮光油造成粘接不牢,可以采用局部印刷亮光油的方法。一是專門曬制一塊印刷亮光油的印版或對拼 數不多的印版,可以反黏合處的紙舌所對應的橡皮布下的紙張襯墊局部割除,使那一部分的印刷壓力不足以反亮光油印上。
3. To avoid the problem of paste box, it is difficult for paste box to penetrate the bright oil in its paste adhesive, so the method of local printing bright oil can be used. One is to specially make a printing plate with bright oil or a printing plate with a small number of pieces. The paper pad under the rubber cloth corresponding to the paper tongue at the anti-bonding position can be partially cut off, so that the printing pressure of that part is not enough to reflect the bright oil printing.

4. The polishing process should not be carried out on the printed matter printed with Jet Blue (or red) ink, because the discoloration of the ink layer after polishing will result in mass scrap of the product.


5. Silicone rubber stamping plate: complex hot stamping, high temperature resistance; copper and zinc plate: can only be made into flat convex text, the production of nitric oxide damage the environment; _resin plate: high temperature resistance, PP, PE can not be used; photosensitive silicone rubber plate: comprehensive 1, 3 high temperature resistance, good flexibility, suitable for complex curved surface workpieces.
6. The height of the die-cutting and punching process relief should not be higher than that of the die-cutting cutter. The height of the post-punching relief should be the same as that of the die-cutting cutter. But over 450G cardboard should be made separately. Die-cutting process The die-cutting knife with ruled treatment is used for die-cutting of colloidal materials, because colloidal materials need to be cut with a sharper ruled knife.
7. Process requirements of hot stamping followed by printing: positioning cross-line-adding quasi-cross-line in the mouth and body parts of hot stamping; hot stamping pressure is based on the fact that there is no obvious concave-convex feeling when touching by hand; hot stamping sample should be prepared with hot stamping film, marking the pattern (0.01 mm lines), checking whether the local pattern is incomplete; pre-press-press-press-press-press-press the electrolytic aluminium chip to avoid printing ink transfer. The phenomena above; paper requires high surface strength, white cardboard or glass cardboard pay attention to pullback phenomenon; hot stamping using circular or circular calendering machine, due to the line contact pressure is easy to adjust; typesetting width should not be too large, the number of assembly is not too many, so as to avoid printing registration difficulties; hot stamping plate generally uses corroded copper or zinc plate, pay attention to its smoothness, the best is to use electric engraving plate, and do it. Certain radian, that is, high in the middle, low around.
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