Saturday, August 23, 2014

Lakme Salon 'Show Stopping Hair' - Backstage To The Front Row!!!

Shailesh Moolya, Creative Hair Director, Lakmé Salons, Little Shilpa & Sushma Khan, National Makeup & Skin Trainer,  Lakmé Salons

Hello My Lovlies!!!

       As promised I've got you loads of pictures and a video of the Lakme Salon "Show Stopping Hair" Show styled by Little Shilpa. Im gonna take you guys right from backstage to the front row!!!!

      The show was definitely one of the best shows at Lakme Fashion Week this season, everything from the models to the choreography to the elaborate hairstyles was amazing. I would have to say my favourite sequence would have to be 'Illusion' which was inspired by the Northern Lights and choreographed beautifully with lasers .

      The show also had the likes of super models Carol Gracias & Diandra Soares walking the ramp and adding to the glamour at fashion week. Shailesh Moolya, Creative Hair Director, Lakme Salons and Little Shilpa need to take a bow coz this was truly a one of a kind show that was a delight to watch.

Here are some images from backstage, the rehearsals & the main show. I have also shot a video for you guys!!! So enjoy the photos and the show!!!

Lets go backstage!!!

Getting ready for an afro!!!

The Lakme Salon team hard at work.

Its all about big hair this season.

Love this hairstyle!

What a line up!!! Time for rehearsals!!!
Carol Gracias at the rehearsal!!!

Anyone needs a safety pin?

Sexy Diandra Soares rehearses for the Moulin Rouge sequence. 

Moulin Rouge!!!

But first let me take a selfie!

Sitting on the front row wearing the lovely headband from the Lakme Salon press kit!

Carol Gracias opens the show with a dramatic act.
Sexy Diandra Soares!!!

Thats what you call a hair show!

This hairstyle reminds me of Game Of Thrones :)
A knotty affair!
Illusion inspired by the Northern Lights! 
Just an illusion!!!

What a show!!!