Saturday, August 9, 2014

Huge NYC Beauty & Fashion Haul!!!

I obviously bought a lot of stuff in NYC!!!! I thought it would be fun to split up the beauty and fashion items and do two hauls, one on my YouTube channel and one here. I have already posted the video and if you haven't watched it yet then take a look now!!!

My beauty haul is much smaller than the fashion one and I honestly haven't bought a lot. Coz you get most things in India now and honestly I don't need a lot of stuff at the moment. So heres what I got...

First up is my Maybelline concealer. This is the same one I buy in India but the shade I  use has been out of stock for a while so I picked it up in NY!!! I bought this for around $6 I think.

This is a pouch for my eyeshadow brushes from H & M and it was for $ 5.95 !!!

I have been dying to get a foil manicure!!! I got this kit from Urban Outfitters on sale for just
$ 1.99 !!! And guess what it was priced at originally? $ 16 !!!!

I bought these last year from Bed, Bath & Beyond and I just had to go back and get more!!!
32 makeup sponges for less than $3 !!! Steal I say!!! 

I have been wanting to try a new razor so I picked this one up. The razor was $12 I think but the blades were more expensive. I bought extra blades coz I haven't seen the embrace sensitive ones in India.

You all know how I love stains. This one is from Forever 21 and it was just $ 3.80!!!

Tear drop sponges and blenders have been on my shopping list for a while. This lovely mint one is
 from Forever 21 for $ 3.80 which is not cheap but I really loved loved the colour.

This is definitely the best lip balm ever!!! It tastes yummy
and keeps your lips hydrated, this was for $ 3.50

I bought this electric blue nail paint from H & M for $ .
 I just loved the colour!!!! This was  for $ 3.95 :)

So guys thats all the stuff I bought from NYC!!!  Let me know in the comments if you guys want me to  review any of the products!!! 


  1. The Burts Bees balm is just amaze..

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