Friday, May 23, 2014

How To Deal With Unwanted Body Hair!!!

Hello My Lovelies!!!
                  Unwanted body hair is not a very talked about subject in India. For some reason we feel like its a taboo to have facial and body hair or to discuss the existence of the same! Many Indian girls are not allowed to remove their body hair until they get married which I think is absurd!!! Removing unwanted hair from your body should be for yourself and your personal hygiene and not  for any man!
                 Then there are all these hair removal myths, a razor will make your hair thick and bleaching will ruin your skin.  Removing body hair is just like dealing with any of your other beauty issues, its a mix of trial & error and convenience!!! I have tried everything from full body lazor to hair removal cream and lets just say the results are always temporary.
                  For more information on how I cope with body hair and a step by step tutorial on how to bleach your face watch my video!!!