Friday, January 10, 2014

Whats In My Flipkart Shopping Bag???

Hello My Lovelies,
                         So 2014 is here!!! I have been looking for a planner for the last few days so I thought I'd go check out and guess what!!! I went online looking for a planner and ended up with a bag full of really trendy and fashionable items! I was always under the impression that they had stationary, books and tonnes of electronic gadgets so I was both surprised and pleased to see a women's lifestyle page with over 500 brands.
                        So I still haven't bought a planner! I got so caught up with the women's section that I just keep clicking add to bag and then selected the one day delivery option. I shop a lot online and I have already bookmarked !!! Its really easy to use and  I just love how the pages change automatically when you view a section.

So heres what greedy Sherry got!!!!

This is a new brand I have discovered on Flipkart called The House Of Tara Funky and I love their quirky bags!!!
This was on discount and it was for just Rs 700

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Printed maxi! Love love love!!!!
   Rs 1699 & it was 50% off

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Quirky Wide Leg Pants by W
               Rs 1499

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These are by a brand called DONE BY NONE and they have some really cool footwear
                 Rs 1499

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I wore these shoes at a shoot for Grazia Magazine and I loved them. They are sooooooooo comfortable!!!
When I was shooting I said I must get these and guess what they were on discount on Flipkart and I got them for Rs 2391 on 40% discount!

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I really liked this beaded necklace with a tassel and just had to have it.
                     Rs 775

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So as you can see I have bought a lot of stuff!!! Thank you Flipkart !!!! You are going to make a lot of women happy :)