Saturday, December 7, 2013

How To Wear Statement Necklaces This Party Season

Tis the time to party. Tis the time to get last years not so worn out dresses if you’re on a budget (as most of us are). No matter how often you’ve worn a dress, it can always look different if you accessorise it differently each time. And what better accessory than a statement necklace? This season Accessorize has designed a must have range of statement necklaces. A huge range of necklaces, that could be worn either solo or accessorized to the max. I have shown  you how to pair the necklaces with your party (or run down party outfits) to create a fabulous, eye-catching look. So whether your style is bohemian or grunge,vintage or classic the following looks will inspire you all to dress your best for the party season.

Grunge - This look is edgy and fun. The look can be achieved by stacking necklaces and bracelets, and lots of spikes. In the look shown I have worn a chunky metal necklace (edgy enough) and added more drama to it by layering it with this stunning 3 tiered necklace (my favorite). I have added a 2 finger ring to it.
Also I have worn the spike bracelets as a bun holder in my hair.

Here I have teamed a basic black vest with a royal blue skirt from
Fashionalized. Buy it now

Classic - This is a very minimal look where I’ve paired classic red lips with this gorgeous statement necklace. This classic piece is a true investment, one that will never go out of style! It can even be paired with jeans and a fitted white shirt with heels. I’ve added a braided bun to give it more of a feminine touch. This is my go-to look when I’m in a dilemma. Classic. Simple. Sophisticated.

Metallic Bralet is from Forever 21 and my skirt is from
The Closet Label

Vintage – This is a classic look combined with old Hollywood style. This statement necklace, very vintage styled, is paired with a black and gold dress, this very old Hollywood hairstyle, the gorgeous drop earring and the ring all in a lovely rusted gold shade giving a very Great Gatsby feel. Jazz up any outfit with this one of a kind necklace and you can thank me later for the compliments you receive *wink wink*

The dress in this look is from FASHIONALIZED. Buy it now.

Bohemian – This one is the most fun look of all. Feminine yet quirky, this look is assured to make you stand out in a crowd. I’ve worn this gorgeous drop necklace to add funk to the plain black maxi dress. I’ve worn this silver headband, as a halo across my head. Have also stacked these fun bracelets on my hand. A sure shot look to grab eyeballs girls

Dress is from FASHIONALIZED . Order now on

So girls, this festive season no more complaining about having no clothes. Just pull out your old party dresses, and jazz them up with these awesome accessories from Accessorize India to shine brighter than the stars. It's all about the bling!

P.S.- If you love my hairstyles, they are all inspired by the party looks put together by Accessorize  .


  1. Very Nice collection. Beautiful and tempting.

  2. Love all of them.. looking sexy as always sherry :D
    xoxo <3

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