Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Bridal Beauty Survival Kit For

Every bride doesn't want to just look her best on her wedding day, she wants flawless skin, shiny hair , Deepika Padukone's outfits  and Kate Upton's body too! And somehow just on that day you skin,body and hair turn out to be your biggest enemies. But don't worry ladies I have put together a "Bridal Beauty Survival Kit" thats going to help you fight  all your enemies and look like a princess on your wedding day.

So here's what you need...

  • Cotton Buds-  Most brides cry and smudge they mascara and kajal and end up looking like their groom has given them a black eye! Ok now this may sound grosse but it works better than any  makeup remover in the world. Take a cotton bud and dab the end in your spit and just wipe the area you need to clean and voila you have mascara free skin!
  • Flutivate Gel-  Getting a zit just before the wedding is every brides worst nightmare. Use this gel over the zit 3 times a day and it will magically disappear. This is easily available at any chemist but you might want to check with your doctor before using it if you have sensitive skin.
  • Beer- Don't worry I'm not trying to get you drunk! Beer is great for your hair and if you want nice shiny and smooth hair just rinse your hair with beer the night before the wedding.
  • Potatoes- If you have dark circles just take a potato and stick it in the freezer and then slice it and put it on your eyes. This really works!!!
  • Carmex lip balm- Use carmex lip balm for 2 days before the wedding and you will have lovely soft moist lips. The reason I recommend it is coz its meant for really cold weather and is quite heavy duty and effective as compared to other lip balms.
  • Swiss Army Knife- Every bride needs one of these!!! its got a nail file so you don't need to worry about chipped nails, a tweezer to get that one patch of hair your waxing lady missed, a scissor to cut off loose threads or labels from your designer outfit and a toothpick so you never have food stuck between your teeth.
  • Spanx- If you want to look like a supermodel in a lengha then you need something thats going to shape you up. Every celebrity wears spanx under their designer threads to look their best so why shouldn't you?
  • Green Tea- Its calming,sliming and will help you detox after you have eaten a 100 laddus! 
So ladies this is my bridal beauty survival kit. I hope all you bridezillas turn into princesses with all my wedding essentials.

 Watch me Here as I get ready for a big fat Indian wedding !!! 

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