Friday, November 15, 2013

My New Youtube Channel!!!

I am really excited to tell you all that I have launched my second YouTube channel called Scherezade Shroff ! This channel will have a lot of fashion & beauty videos, makeup & hair tutorials and loads of madness. I will be shooting a lot of these videos myself and editing them too so be kind if they aren't as good as the ones on my other channel Fashion Tube ;) I just wanted to have another channel that I could do crazy stuff on which is why I thought of launching one more. And guess what!!! The first video is a huge giveaway by Maybelline!!! I will pick 10 lucky winners so go watch the video, comment, like it and subscribe to the channel!



  1. Love it !!

    all the best for the new channel !

  2. Hi Sharry, just subscribed on to your new youtube channel
    Have being following u and your fashion on instagram & youtube
    There are many fashion blogs but inspirations are few
    All your videos, creativity is an immense source of inspiration
    Thank you & all the best for your new channel :)

    1. Thank you Sapna :) So glad you like my work. You guys inspire me to try new things everyday. xoxo