Sunday, September 8, 2013

Lavie's Autumn Winter Handbag Collection

          We've all seen Kareena Kapoor looking confused and indecisive on what handbag to buy in the Lavie Handbag commercial. I experienced that first hand when I went to see Lavie's Autumn Winter 2013 collection. They had a lovely event for bloggers to tell us about their collection. They also gave us some vouchers to buy a Lavie bag and this is where I had my Kareena moment! As you all know I love bright colours and I thought I'd get  a nice, bright bag. But then I spotted this lovely laptop bag which was perfect for my new MacBook Air  :)

What do you guys think?

Lets see how many compartments this one has ! 

Which one do you guys like more ?
So many bags to choose from !!!
Finally decided !

Do you guys like my new laptop bag ?

Thank you Lavie !


  1. Not to mention that it is super fashionable and goes with any outfit. It is a great bag and will work through the change of seasons.

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