Thursday, August 29, 2013

Make-Up Masterclass With Natasha Nischol

I was invited to a make-up masterclass  with Natasha Nischol  and I was just so excited !!!  Natasha showed us a lovely day to night make-up look on the lovely Sarah Jane Dias. She also had some wonderful make-up tips for everybody that I am going to share with you !!! :)

  1. Mix your moisturiser with a smudge free eyeliner . This makes it easier to blend.
  2. Natasha's make-up mantra is the same as mine !!!! "Blend...Blend...Blend !!!"
  3. The new range of Lakme eyeshadows are baked so you can use them dry or mix them with some water and use them wet.
  4. Use your fingers to blend your eyeshadows if you don't have brushes . I actually prefer using my fingers !
  5. If you want a fuller lip don't overdo the lip gloss, just apply it in the middle and then spread it on the sides .
  6. Wet your eye shadow and use it as an eyeliner ! This way you can have many coloured liners :)
  7. Mix your foundation with your moisturiser to make your own tinted moisturiser .
  8. Use cold tea bags on your eyes to get rid of puffy eyes instantly . 
  9. Mix different make up trends to get the right look. So for example you can do a stained lip with metallic eyes. 
  10. Use invisible liner . I have got to try this one !!!

So guys these are some make-up and beauty tricks & tips I picked up from the session . Hope they help you too :)

Here are some pictures from the masterclass.

Natasha & Sarah welcome all the guests.

Natasha works on Sarah to show us a day look with a nice red pout :)

Glamorous !

Now she takes the look from day to night by building  on the eyes and darkening the mouth.

Sarah was wearing Lakme's new gel nail paint and I must tell you it looked amazing !!! Must try !

Answering questions 

Final finished night look !