Monday, July 8, 2013

Sunsilk Girl Writes New York

So you have all seen my NYC posts and updates from the Sunsilk Style Studio Blogger meet, now its time to see my video blogs from NYC.I am going to take you through each video and tell you how I shot it too !!!

So I shot this video in the middle of Times Square and everyone thought I was crazy !!! I had people walking all around me and here I was making a blog with a handicam and an Ipad . Luckily it was a 3 minute challenge so I got done really quickly. hehe

I shot this video really early in the morning in my hotel room. I was going sightseeing with all the other bloggers and I decided to shoot a tutorial and an Outfit of the day video before I left.
So this is the Outfit of the day video I mentioned earlier. Its a lovely maxi dress i bought from Sarojini Nagar in New Delhi. You like?
So this was my look for the cocktail party with the Sunsilk experts . Everyone loved my huge spike necklace. It really made the outfit work :)
I got inked !!!!!!!!!!! I got a tattoo while i was in NYC . Tell me what you guys think !!!!
This was another crazy tutorial. Now I was in the middle of the iconic Grand Central Station shooting a hair style tutorial with 100s of people around me !!!!
Here I got one of the other bloggers to do my hair and she came up with this gorgeous easy up-do. You have to try this !
Now this blog was totally not planned. I was shooting an outfit of the day video and I was just walking past H & M and I thought of this and decided to just shoot it .
I shot this blog sitting on a rock on the edge of a lake at Central Park . The crazy things we bloggers do !
This is the blog where I have interviewed Sunsilk experts Jamal Hammadi, Teddy Charles and Rita Hazan. The guys are amazing , I had a blast interviewing them :)
This was my hair makeover with Jamal Hammadi !!!!!!! Love Love love !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guys these are all my NYC videos !!!!! comment below and tell me what you thought and which one was your favorite .


  1. I loved the post get part ready with me.loved it,its amazing how you your hairdo was ready in so less time,your messy bun luks so nice.Loved your spiked neckpiece and neon pants.You are really a true fashionista.U r an all -rounder,makeup,hair and styling,u do everything with perfection.

    1. thanks for commenting !!! So glad you liked my look :)