Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunsilk Hair Stodio - NYC

Helllooo Hello
    I must say the last 4 days have been such a crazy roller coaster ride that I haven't even had a minute to write a post but dont worry I have shot loads of video blogs and taken 100s of pictures for you!!! I will break this post into 4 days so you know exactly what I did when.

Day One -
So I land in NYC at 7.30 am and I got to the hotel around 9.30 am. The lovely Sunsilk team was waiting for me with a goodie bag :). Once I checked in I just took a shower and left the hotel to start working. Yes I didn't rest even for a minute. I shot a day to night hair blog all around New York and it was just amazing. The city has such a great vibe and nobody cares if your shooting so its just sooooo easy to get what you want. so after a hectic day of shooting I came back to the hotel and passed out coz I was sooooooooo jet lagged.

Day Two
This day was like a dream. We were taken all over NYC to shop and sight see and I have to tell you it was just soooooooo well planned. I don't think anyone could have asked for more. So first we went to Katz's Deli and I had the pastrami sandwich for breakfast which was divine. I had actually seen this place on tv in tonnes of food shows so it was so exciting for me, as a foodie to be here. After that they drove us around the city and showed us a few things coz the shops only open at 10 am. So at 10 am sharp we were on 5th Avenue waiting for the doors to heaven to open! Hehe Top Shop !!!!! So we went to Top Shop, Forever 21 and Victoria's Secret. And then to Balthazar for lunch (if you're a SATC fan you must know this) After lunch we went to Bleaker street which had all the designer stores and Magnolia bakery !!!! So obviously I had a red velvet cupcake , at this point I really though I was Carrie coz after this we went off to Barney's where we were all gifted a 250 $ gift voucher!!! So I bought a beautiful neon orange bag! And then the last stop for the day was Central park where we were taken for a horse carriage ride around the park.  It was such a perfect way to end such a beautiful day in New York. So once we got back to the hotel we had just 30 minutes to get ready coz we had to meet the experts for cocktails at the electric room . They were all so nice and warm and they really wanted to get to know each girl. I got Jamal  Hammadi as my expert and he was just amazing .

Day Three -
Okay so this is the day when we got our expert to style and cut our hair . So we were at the Hudson studios which is beautiful with huge windows and a great view. We were thoroughly pampered through the day .:) So it started with Jamal taking a look at my hair and telling me what I was doing wrong which was great coz to get advice like that from an expert is just amazing. And then he cut and styled my hair and reduced a lot of
the volume and I had really smooth and shiny hair guys!!! After that we got to shoot with famous fashion photographer Anna Wolf. We had  loads of different sets, a photo booth, living room, party set and a table full of treats ! There were loads of fun props too. Being a model the shoot was loads of fun for me coz it all just came naturally and it was all crazy fun stuff noting static n stiff. It was a great shoot, can't wait to see the pictures. After the shoot we had a wrap party too at this really cool restaurant called the Spotted Pig. I must say this trip was just so amazing and so were all the other bloggers. Such fun girls from all over the world.

Day four
So day four was a crazy one coz after everyone left I still stayed on in NYC and decided to shoot blogs all day, at all the famous NY spots - The Empire State Building, Times Square, Central Park, Grand Central station and lots of other places too. It was a dull gloomy day and it kept raining but I managed to pull it off and shoot some great blogs for my you tube channel  Fashion Tube .

So guys this is all that happened on the last four days !!! It's been crazy and soooooo much fun. It's a trip i will never forget. But my journey doesn't end here I have 6 more work free days in NYC !!!! Wooooohoooo !!!! So your still going to hear a lot more about New york from me. :)

Thank you Sunsilk !!!!!!



  1. Wow just read that! Girl.. you're clearly having a blast.. and 6 more days of this.. Wow!

    Wanna know everything about the New york trip..especially the shopping bit! :)