Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Red Door Spa

Starting your day at the spa on a Monday morning seems like a dream, right? Well yesterday I was a very lucky. A very dear friend sent me to the Spa for some TLC ! So I went to The world renowned Red Door Spa on 5th Avenue , which is definitely the best spa I have ever been to . So they check you in and escort you to this huge changing room to get you started. I was getting 3 services so I started with  my massage and then went in for my facial and eye contour. They have a lovely relaxation area where you can read, sleep or just put your feet up n relax until your therapist comes and gets you. 

My massage therapist Courtney  took me up to one of the lovely massage rooms which were a lot bigger than the ones I've been to at Indian spas. The thing I loved the most in the Spa was the was the way they use heat in all their services. It just makes such a huge difference.  As soon as I got into that massage bed I knew I was in for a treat. So the bed is heated and there's a nice big blanket for you to slip into which was perfect coz it was a cold day. Not only that the beds all move like an airplane seat so u can have your legs up or arch your back . Sooooooooooo cozy !!! So coming to my massage, it was absolutely amazing my therapist knew exactly how much pressure to apply. And what I liked is she din't use a lot of oil. ( I din't have to shower like a million times after my massage like I usually have to) She very slowly massaged every part of my body and each time she was done with a part she would wrap it in a hot towel . When she said she was done I only agreed to leave the bed coz I knew I had another service lined up ;) 

After my massaged was taken to another room for my facial and eye contour. That service started with the therapist layering my hands with lotion and then putting them into heated mittens and giving me a heated tummy pack. So I was in heaven way before my facial even started.  Then she applied some serum like thing all over my face that stung a bit and put me under the steamer. The best thing about this service was that she took out all my blackheads (n I have a lot !!) with a tissue and her hands , just massaged them out with her fingers. She dint use that terrible metal thing with a ring that most people use . That leaves  terrible marks and usually I look red for a couple of days after I get my blackheads removed. But the way she did it I never had a single mark on my face and my skin looked flawless !!! She combined the facial and the eye contour so I finished with both at the same time . And after everything my skin felt  n looked amazing . 

So if you live in New York or your just visiting you must go to the Red Door Spa. I highly recommend it and I am listing the services below with the names of my therapists coz they were amazing.

Deep Tissue Massage (60 minutes) - Courtney
Red Door Signature Facial (60minutes) - Drew
Customised Eye Countour - Drew

Pictures of me post my visit . ( Ain't I glowing?)


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