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My New York Top 5's - Shopping, Eating, Must see, Must do N My Favs

So I'm obsessed with New York !!! And I'm still jet lagged and on NYC time so I thought I'd do another piece on NYC for you. I was in New York for a Sunsilk Blogger meet as you know and then I stayed on for a few days to just experience the greatness New York has to offer. Now I was really lucky and I got loads of tips from my family, friends and everyone I worked with in NYC, so I'm going to put everything down here for all you lovely people who are visiting NYC.

Top 5 Places For Shopping
H n M

  • 5th Avenue - Now here you can find H n M , Forever 21, Sephora ,Juicy Couture and every other brand. Not only that the best thing about NYC is that they all have multiple stores and a lot of them are really close to each other and they all carry different stuff so what you see at one F21 outlet you might not see at the next. So lots of cheap shopping !!! You will also find the famous Sak's 5th Avenue, Barney's and Bergdorf  Goodman  here if you want to indulge in some designer shopping. 

  • Soho- Again all the usual suspects like F21 and H n M but there are some stores that you wont find in a lot of places that you will find here. Victoria's Secret, Top Shop and Brandy Melville to name a few.
  • Century 21- This is a crazy department store close to the World Trade Center Memorial. Here you will find tons of designer and branded stuff at a heavy discount ! Some great deals but the cash register lines are terrible, I had to wait for 30 minutes !!! And its huge with everything from make up to clothing so go when you have at least a couple of hours to spare.
  • Forever 21 At Times Square- Now this is not a shop its a mall !!! Its like some 4-5 floors and its the biggest F21 in NYC. So if you love F21 like me this is a dream come true . But again you need some time here coz its huge and there are long trial room and cash register lines .
  • F21
  • Weekend Flea Market At Williamsburg - Now this is a neighborhood in Brooklyn that most New Yorkers probably haven't been too. Its very hippie and has a great vibe. Every weekend there is a flea market by the water with everything from food to thrift stores to quirky jewelry. Get of the Subway at Bedford Avenue station and its a 5 minute walk. Must go !!!

All Williamsburg

Top 5 Places To Eat In NYC

I was really lucky to eat at some amazing places in New York and let me warn you, if your a foodie like me your going to love it.
  • Katz's Deli- Now this place is an institution. They serve the best pastrami sandwich in the world !!! I saw this on the tv show Man V food  and I was so excited when I found out we were going . Great Food !!! N if you get the pastrami get it with Rye bread. Divine !!!
    The Pastrami Sandwich
  • Balthazar- This was where we went for lunch after a breakfast at Katz's ,so I was in a full food coma post my meal . The had a preset brunch which was sooooooooooooo good. I had the Steak and it was cooked brilliantly. I have also heard that you get the best Eggs Benedict in NYC here but unfortunately I dint get to go back a second time .:(
    Menu at Balthazar
    My Food !!!
  • Juniors - Now this little place at Times Square has the best baked cheesecake you will ever eat . Must must must try !
  • Chelsea Market- A market full of bakeries, restaurants and cafes. I went 3-04 times coz it was right next to my hotel . Its a great place for breakfast too. I had an amazing burger at Friedman's Lunch.
  • Serendipity - You can't come to New York and not have the frozen hot chocolate here !!! Just can't !!!
    Frozen Hot Chocolate !

Top 5 Things To See In New York

  • The Statue Of Liberty- Now I have a really cool free way to see the Statue of  Liberty from the water. Since I was on a budget and dint have a lot of time either, the friends I was staying with suggested I take the Staten Island ferry which is absolutely free and is a 15-20 minute ride and you can see the Statue of liberty pretty clearly and take lots of photos for at least 10 minutes each way .
The Blue Lady

  • The Met- This is an absolute must even if your not fond of museums. They have such a vast collection and they have some great special exhibits. I saw the latest one which was Punk. Brilliant !!!
The Met

The Met

  • The Highline - This is is a mile long park built on an old elevated railroad . Absolutely Beautiful.
    The Highline
  • Times Square- You have to go to Times Square and just stand there and watch the world go by. Crazy crazy !!!
  • Times Square

  • A Broadway Show- I was lucky to see Kinky boots with my friends which was great. The music was by Cindy Lauper which was amazing. Its so refreshing to see such great talent perform right in front of you and the sets and costumes are all so elaborate. If your in New York go watch a Broadway show and I would advice you to get good seats  coz watching it from the front is the best way.
Kinky Boots !

This group just came to watch the show in these !!!

Top 5 Things To Do In New York

  • Get A Tattoo- Of course only if you want to. But I did and I'm so happy with mine. Do your research and go to some place that's good. I went to Three kings tattoo which is rated among the top five places in NYC. I chose them because in the well known lot they were the only ones that did walk ins . The rest al worked only on appointments.
    My Tattoo
  • Take A Hansom Cab (Horse & Cart) Ride Through Central Park - Central Park is huge and I would say you should walk around a bit but the best way to see  a lot of it and get a guided tour of what movie was shot where and which pop star was thrown out where you need to take the Hansom Cab.

Central Park

  • Walk Around NYC- The Best way to see New York is to put on a pair of comfy shoes and start walking. I don't think I have walked this much in ages but It was totally worth it.
  • Spend time at Williamsburg- This is a neighborhood in Brooklyn that is very different to the rest of New York and you will love it.
  •  Grab The Bull By His Balls On Broadway -  get a nice cheeky picture ;) Everyone was crowding around the front of the bull to get a shot with his head but i thought this was way more fun !

My Top 5 Favorites

Now that I have broken down all the things to see, eat and do in NYC for you , I"m gonna pick my favorites from each category .

  • 5th Avenue - Coz you can find everything here , you can go the expensive designer way or the cheaper branded way  all in one place.
  • Balthazar- Coz everything right from my appetizer to my desert tasted divine and the place has a lovey old world feel to it. And you must go see the beautiful toilets in the basement !
  • A Broadway Show - Coz its something you can't experience in a lot of places, every country has their monuments and sights but everyone doesn't have kick ass Broadway shows.
  • Spend Time In Williamsburg- Coz everyone should experience this side of New York too. And go on a weekend so you can go to the flea market too ;)
  • Now if I had to pick one thing among all these it would be - 5th Avenue !!!!!!!!!!!! You can eat, shop or just walk and feel like a New Yorker here !

 So guys this is my Guide to New York. I absolutely loved it and I will definitely be going back... I <3 NY !!!

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