Friday, April 19, 2013

Spa Afternoon At The Four Fountains Spa - Mumbai

Spa culture is still a relatively new concept in India and is a luxury for most people. I rarely visit a spa to get a massage, I usually go to a sports therapist for a deep tissue massage that is far from relaxing !!! So you can imagine my excitement when  The Four Fountains Spa invited me to try out their services.

     My visit started off with a meeting with their in house doctor who warned me that my stress levels are high (like everybody else living in Bombay). I opted for a Swedish massage as its a deep tissue massage. Let me start by saying my therapist was great!!! I was hoping she wouldn't be chatty coz the last time I got a massage my therapist was chatting away throughout my massage and let's just say it was far from enjoyable. She barely spoke and was very polite :) The massage was amazing. I'm usually a hyper person and I find it hard to lie still for a while, like when I go to the salon to get a clean up\ facial during the so called “relaxing time ” I take off my eye mask and start fidgeting the minute the therapist leaves the room. But here, I passed out  for 60 minutes flat and when she said, "maam your massage is over," I wanted to sulk like a five year old who's candy has been snatched from her.  This was definitely one of the best massages I have got.  I just have one complaint... You don't have a spa in South Bombay !!!

I will definitely visit again. Thank you Four Fountains Spa :)