Friday, October 19, 2012

How To Get Ready For The Red Carpet

We may not all be celebrities, but we all have our 30 seconds of fame! Even people who are not famous get invited to events that require you to dress up so we all need to know how to get ready for the red carpet. Stars have a whole entourage to get them ready but the rest of us do out own hair and make up !!! Being a model I have to attend lots of red carpet events and parties so I have mastered the art of getting red carpet ready myself !!!! I have created two video blogs on getting ready for the red carpet. One is in an Indian Lengha Saree and the other is in a Long Gown so you can wear whatever your more comfortable in. :) You can also dress the same way for a wedding if you have no red carpets to walk on. So ladies listen up!!!!!

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