Monday, September 3, 2012

The Collar brooch

Hello all,
    Since collars are big this season I have found you the perfect accessory to complete your look - The Collar brooch.  I have just bought a few of these and I must say they make a huge difference to your look and can spruce up any plain boring shirt ! There are tons of designs to choose from, some with chains and some interesting stud options are also availiable. I will be selling some cool collar brooches too.

So take a look at what we have got for you and get ready for our sale!!!!!!

Bronze Collar Brooch with Triangles and Chains.

Skull and Spike Collar Brooch

Bird Stud Collar Brooch

Bird Stud Collar Brooch

Gold Triangle Stud and Chain Collar Brooch

Triangle Stud Collar Brooch

Black and Gold Stud Collar Brooch

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