Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Gossip Girl Style - Which one are you?

Hello Ladies,
          If you thought there was nothing worth living for after season 5 ended or if you live on the upper east side in your head and love saying XOXO then this post is for you!!!! Gossip Girl is one of the few TV shows that has made a difference in the fashion world. I remember being addicted to SATC but more for the drama than the fashion. My friends always say I'm Carrie and I secretly love it but I do think her fashion sense is a bit too bizarre for me. Gossip Girl on the other hand makes every fashionista want to walk in to Bergdorfs like Serena or Blair and just shop !!!!
        Both Serena and Blair are totally different, Serena is the bad girl who's always got the out of bed/ not showered look and Blair is little miss perfect, all neat and tidy. Fashion wise too Serena is bold and bohemian whereas Blair is very regal and classy. I think it's very easy to decide who is more like you style wise.
       I am definitely a Serena (strictly style wise - No drug problem, boy problem or attention seeking disorder here!) I love how she makes a statement  with her accessories, tiny numbers and thigh high slits !!! Most of all I love her messy hair, post Gossip Girl I have become the queen of messy up dos !!!! Braids and buns are my new obsession ! I think I will do a How to get Gossip Girl hair blog post soon, what do you think?
A lot of people think Blair' s classic style is lovely, I just feel its a little too perfect and conservative for me. She reminds me of Queen Rania or an American First lady. But I must say she dresses up in lovely bright colors. What pisses me off the most is her perfect hair !!! Considering I'm someone with permanently dry and damaged hair , its the most annoying thing to watch someone wake up with perfectly smooth and lovely silky hair !!!

So ladies who are you??? Serena or Blair?

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