Sunday, June 3, 2012

Are You Ready For The Rains?

 June is here!!! Which means the rains are just around the corner. Are you ready for the great Indian monsoon??? I know I am. I have pulled out my favorite Sonya Vajifdar raincoat, all my flip flops and jelly sandals to make it through the next 3 months.
Sonya and me.

I really struggled with finding a great rain coat in India. Either u get the kiddie going to school ones or the kind your watchman wears! A few years ago when my old college friend and designer Sonya Vajifdar asked me to model for her rain wear collection I was super excited to see some really cool rain coats in India. Since then Sonya has become a well known name on the fashion circuit and continues to create a great rain wear line along with all her other collections.
My favorite blue trench.

After the shoot Sonya gifted me this blue trench and I can't tell you how many compliments I get each time I wear it. I always have random people walking up to me and asking me where I got it from. It has already survived two crazy Mumbai monsoons and is getting ready for the next!
Sonya has something for everyone, so if you're girly, glamorous, sporty, conservative, simple or flashy, you will get a raincoat to match your style.

They are a little expensive but they are designer. According to me if you live in India and have to deal with a full fledged monsoon for three months its totally worth it. And as I said I've had mine for 3 years now, so it will keep you looking trendy monsoon after monsoon!

Some of Sonya's fab rain coats.

You can check out Sonya's latest collection on her website or check out one of the stores she stocks with.

Once you have organized your raincoat its time to get your monsoon friendly bag and foot wear. I put away all my nice summery sandals and bring out all my jelly sandals and flip flops. They are the best coz they look great and are washable so you can keep them clean. If you're not someone who likes to use a plastic or transparent looking bag then here's a tip for you, every monsoon I clean out my closet and take out 2-3 bags that I have used a lot but are still in a decent condition and use them through the monsoon and then do away with them. Using a new bag that's not water friendly is a big no-no coz all it takes is one day (when you have forgotten your umbrella/rain coat) to ruin it !

So this monsoon stay chic n dry!

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