Monday, January 30, 2012

Winter Style Police!

Yesterday Mumbai witnessed the coldest day in the last decade and probably in the last fifty years as the temperature dropped to 10 degrees Celsius, but somehow for most people Mumbai and winter don't go together in the same sentence. And most Mumbaikars are laughed at when we refer to the "winter" in Mumbai. So even though Mumbai may be as cold as Delhi on some days you can't walk around in the same winter wear as you would there. Confusing? Its actually very simple, being known as a hot tropical kind of city we just don't have the style license to winter wear. The other day I saw a girl walking around in a trench coat and I was dying to ask her if she was walking to Delhi! I know exactly how you feel coz every morning I am standing in front of my closet and asking myself if this is too wintery for Mumbai. So let me tell you about the Mumbai Winter do's and don't s...



    I bought these palazzos from the Mango SALE for Rs. 900
  • Funky pants or great looking trousers - So obviously trousers are a good option in this kind of weather but don't restrict yourself to boring black or white pants .Try something new like dhoti pants or palazzos that are super comfy and look great. If your not that daring then try wearing trousers in whatever fit works for you in bold and bright colors.
River Island palazzo pants from for Rs. 2,240

Some of my funky pants.

  • Jeans- I know when its cold you just want to feel cozy and you just wear the most comfortable pair of jeans you own.  Most people believe that you can either be comfortable or fashionable but I think you can be both. Move over your skinny and boot cut jeans and try some super comfortable and stylish new styles like jodhpuri jeans, boyfriend jeans or jeans with an elastic bottom that look like joggers. Again if this is all too much for you then opt for colored jeans, I have a great purple pair.

Katie Holmes was the first one to sport the boyfriend jean and now half of Hollywood can't live without their super comfy boyfriend jeans.
My favorite ripped boyfriend jeans.
Jodhpuri jeans and Joggers
Zara has the best colored jeans. Love this pink pair!!!

    Moi in a maxi
    Celebrities rocking the maxi and denim jacket trend
    Maxi from Forever21
  • The Maxi- The maxi is back and how! I love this trend because it works for all sizes and shapes and its perfect for this season. You don't need to go to a party in a tiny number and freeze to death, you can wear a chic maxi dress or skirt  and look super sexy, and stay warm. This ones really a winter must have girls!!! If you want to look rocker chic you can even throw on a cool bomber or denim jacket. It even works as a casual day outfit.
Kim Kardashian
Maxi mania!!!!

  • The Blazer- I think every girl must own a blazer. Its one thing you can team with everything!!! It keeps you warm and looks so chic, what more do you want? If you don't own one I suggest you buy a basic back that you can team with a lot of options . I personally love bright colors and I'm dying to get my hands on a sexy fuchsia or coral blazer. Team it with leather brogues for a complete man-style look. The best places to buy blazers in Mumbai are Mango and Zara.
Jersey green blazer from Zara for Rs. 2,690. It also comes in other colors.
Red Carpet Alert- Ballgowns with blazers.

I love to roll up my sleeves and wear my blazers with jeans

Katie Holmes in her blazer and jeans combo.

Jessica Alba in a super hot green blazer.

  • Cardigan- Cardigans are perfect for the Mumbai winter. They're light and don't make you look like you're dressed for Alaska. Over-sized cadis are everywhere and you can get them in every color or design. So don't be afraid and invest in a cardigan , Im sure you will use it a lot.
Pink Cadi from Forever21
Rachel Bilson sure loves her cadis.

  • Leggings-They are easy to wear, comfortable and they come in all kinds of fabrics, textures, prints and colors. But please remember whenever your wearing leggings wear long top that covers your crotch and always wear the right underwear! No panty lines please!!! 
Rihanna in printed leggings
Kim Kardashian loves her leggings.
Taylor Swift in leggings


  • Boots- I know when you think winter you think boots but girls seriously this is Mumbai. No knee length boots are meant for walking the streets of Mumbai. Instead opt for ankle length boots or booties which look  great and make you feel like your wearing boots.
Love these booties by FINSK

  • Leather Jackets- Leather jackets are a NO, NO, NO ladies.! I'm sure you have a great leather jacket but save it for a winter holiday.

  • Trench Coats- This is another fashion faux pas for Mumbai. Need I say more!!!!

  • Mufflers- Don't use bulky woolen mufflers opt for scarves instead. You will be surprised how trendy a scarf can make you look.

  • Beanies and Earmuffs- I'm sure your building watchman is rocking this look already! I don't care if your earmuffs are pretty and pink, its still a NO.

Here are some of the best winter buys for this season...

Jersey palazzo from for Rs. 894

Get this beautiful maxi from Zara for only Rs. 1790.  Its on sale!!!

Mustard blazer from for Rs. 2,682
Polka dot blazer from Zara for Rs. 4,790
Win somebody's heart over in this super cute cadi by Forever21 for Rs. 994
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  1. sherry you your blog is amazing!! good job

  2. THank you! Love it!!! Cannot imagine wearing ear muffs in bby. lol. but trench maybe. It's been soooooooooooooooo cold! Your post came at the perfect time!