Wednesday, January 18, 2012

India Kids Fashion Week

I thought I'd start my blog with something current so for those of you who don't know there is a kids fashion week going on in India right now. I guess whenever kids, employment and money are in the same sentence there is bound to be some criticism. But honestly I don't see what the big deal is, don't we have child models doing commercials? And don't almost all big international design houses have kids lines? 
I did my homework and found out from a friend about IKFW (India Kids Fashion Week) and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the kids only do one show each and all their rehearsals are after school hours. So they don't miss school and are not overworked. I think it will be great for Indian designers to explore the kids clothing market and come up with some cool kids lines. Among the big names participating this season we have Narendra Kumar, Rocky S and Nishka Lulla. I can't wait to see what Nishka  has in store for tomorrows show, since her collections are always so young and fresh. Personally I think Manish Arora would come up with an amazing collection for kids, unfortunately his name doesn't feature on the designer list this season but who knows, maybe we will see him at the next one in Delhi(fingers crossed!!!). I say its a win - win for all!!! The kids have fun, the designers have something new to work on and the organizers have come up with something unique.


  1. The thing about opinions is everyone has one.

    When I was a kid, I used to stay back at school to do programming, coz we couldn't afford a computer back then. And no one complained coz that was what I loved to do.

    As long as the kids are doing what they love (not what their parents would love them to do) and are having fun at it, it's all well in wonderland.

    It's great to see that you did your homework. They are signs of a good blogger. :)

    Happy Blogging. (I've zero fashion sense, so can't comment on that, except the fact that the kids look cute)

    1. I totally agree with you. If the kids want to do it and they are having fun I see no harm unless it interferes with their schooling.

    2. I'm even okay if it effects their schooling. :) (Just kiddin')

      We both know at least one wonder-kid (read Farrhad) In my opinion, no one can be a genius/wonderful at anything they don't like doing. But most parents want to take the "safer" route towards making them yet another brick in the wall.